Civil war “trough someone else’s eyes”


Looking back on my life has been an eye-opener. I shall face these threats walking tall and proud amongst my fellow brothers. United as one we will open these blasted doors that have locked us away from sunlight, once more will be walk these war-filled lands and reclaim what was once ours. Our chains will be unshackled and once more shall we be free.

civil war

Ever since I came in contact with these white devils I have been treated worse than an animal: I have been tortured, sodomized, whipped and beaten to near death. Now is the time to repay the favor.

The man that once sat on my village’s throne after massacring most of my tribe will be brought to justice. My white brothers in blue have located his position and as part of the proud 54th regiment we shall take him down, once and for all. This white devil will pay for his crimes and will have to answer to God himself.

Before dawn we will surround their hideout, my job is to eliminate the guards and bring the mighty wrath of the blue army upon his impure, foul and grey-cloaked soul. Their numbers are unknown, but morning come he shall know the same pain I have been feeling since I was brought to this country.

On the morning of the 13th of August 1924, Agabe M’bezi also known as “John Cottonpicker” was decorated post-mortem with the American Medal of Honor for his bravery during the raid on an unknown sadistic slaveholder.

His actions inspired the whole regiment as he personally saved 6 men by diving on a grenade. His sacrifice was discovered after reading witness statements and therefore the President himself issued the command for his decoration: “May the black and proud heroes of war never be forgotten”.

The Civil war did something personal to these black people. Let’s hope it never happens again.

Bron: Civil war of America



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