What we can learn from King Arthur!


The legends of King Arthur are often described as adventures that only the bravest of the brave would be able to accomplish, using wits, tricks and raw strength rarely found amongst the ranks of men. Even today his stories are well-known and relatively famous.


Throughout history his story has been told, and altered, by many. Rising from the ashes as a historic figure at the start of the 19th century, King Arthur’s tales of heroism and selflessness continue to live on in our hearts. Even though nobody knows the exact tale, or even knows if the man himself actually existed, people are drawn into the realm of mystery. These old books and tales continue to be of value even today. Although the world has changed, the thirst for adventure and romance has remained the same.

People rely on past experiences to draw strength from; however it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be the ones that have undergone said experiences, simply reading about something that was accomplished by another can act as the base of your own adventure.

Jumping back to King Arthur, the one that was chosen, we read about him growing up, conquering both his weaknesses and his enemies and becoming a man of power. But only after suffering tremendous loss, losing friends and family he became the way he was.
This allows people to feel sorry for him and yet cheer for him at the same time when he overcomes another difficulty.

People are dragged into the book and find themselves trapped in unknown lands. They draw strength from an adventure that is not theirs because they read about the feelings King Arthur is feeling and choose to act upon those feelings. This allows them to accomplish something in real life, using the power of reading.

So read more, learn more!

Bron: King Arthur


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