Just a story I wrote!


There was a girl who lived in a big house next to the woods. She loved to go to the woods, but in the evening it was a little scary over there. There lived a lot of animals in the woods. And she loved to play with them. Once, when she went to the woods she got lost. Her best friend Robin was looking for her, but he couldn’t find her.

She was walking for hours by now, and every tree looked the same. It was evening by now, and she saw this shiny thing. She tought it might be a window of their house. So she was walking in the direction were she saw the shiny thing. There were a lot of noises, and she was thinking of screaming and running. But she stayed calm and was walking further. She couldn’t see anything anymore, only the bright moon and the stars. Robin was still looking for his best friend Ilse. And finally he found her. She just lay there on the ground not far from the house. He didn’t know what happened, but he carried her home. It took a few days before she woke up. But when she opens her eyes, the first thing she saw was Robin. He was just standing there with black holes beneath his eyes.



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